Our rates are competitive and affordable without compromising the quality of your desired content.

Projects big or small, we can cater our pricing and efficiency to suit your next project.

How much will video content cost me?

Depending on the project, rates start from:

$800.00* per day
$125.00* per hour

from $500.00* per 30-second social media sizzle (great value for your social media postings)

from $1000.00* per ‘Behind the Scenes’ sizzle (for your next fashion or internal profiling content)

All rates include equipment, operator/s, licensed stock music and production management through to the final delivery.

Optional extras such as acting and voiceover talent, location, fashion styling, hair and makeup, and transcription services will require additional fees and charges.

* Rates vary for each individual project and shoot location. Contact us to customise a quote for your project. Creative Sense Media rates are
not subject to GST.